A holistic travel system that is constantly improved to cater for you.

A holistic travel system that is constantly improved to cater for you.

Explo Travel Software is constantly improving and innovating. The platform adds new features throughout the year to always provide our clients with the latest technology in travel sales.





Travel Agencies

The Explo core product boasts ease of use and wide range of tools. Travel agents are able to create customized packages, access a wide variety of accommodation and activities, and manage their sales and commissions. The system is regularly updated with enhanced features available to all users.

Benefits for travel agencies

  • An interface that simplifies creating, quoting, and reservation of itineraries
  • Simple processes: reservation in a matter of minutes and in a single session.
  • Create and store professional Quotes
  • Reservation documentation such as Itineraries, confirmations and more, in a central and easily accessible location to all users.
  • Customising your brand and your look & feel
  • Full control from the Backoffice
  • Teamwork and sharing are maximised, no more guessing what a colleague has done or quoted!
  • Easy management of supplier vouchers and track referral commissions etc.
  • Keep easy track of the commissions that are owed to you

Tour Operators

Explo travel software is the best system for Tour Operators. The most complete reservation system for tour operator that your customers will love. We guide tour operators into the future with our amazing functionalities.

Increase company profits

Whether you sell leisure or corporate, our software minimises your growth costs and sets you for great success by reducing your costs and increasing your customer loyalty every day and thereby increasing your company’s profits.

  • Increase your margins
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Creating great content for your online sales websites (CMS)
  • Full financial monitoring and control from the BackOffice
  • Digitization of your sales processes

DMC / Incoming

As a leading incoming operator in your destination, you will be able to increase your sales capacity and expand your product offerings. Whether you sell hotels or ground services, individually or in combined packages, Explo provides you with a complete solution to develop your business without limits. With our platform, you will have the opportunity to improve your operations and grow your online business by offering your customers a seamless reservation experience.

Become the leading incoming operator in your destination

Sell hotels, ground services and incredible package deals. Develop your business without limits thanks to our travel technology solutions – find out how today!

  • Create and upload your products
  • Quote and make reservations in a fast single session
  • Sell an infinite number of combinations in your packages
  • Full control from BackOffice

Transport Services

Explo travel software is the perfect solution for your customers to book their trips with ease and speed. With our platform, it doesn’t matter if you are in the leisure or corporate sector. Furthermore, you will be capable of reducing your expenses through increased productivity, which will result in an increase in profits.

Benefits for transport service providers

  • Vouchers related content
  • Car hire vouchers related content
  • Front desk related content
  • Service vouchers are customizable
  • Car hire vouchers are customizable


Our wide range offer of reservation flows covers the online sales of any kind of trip allowing to book any combination of transport, accommodation, insurance and more.

Package tours software

If your business is based on set departures, packages or groups travel, the Explo core product will give you the ability to track your inventory and sales, save you time to manage group travel process from itinerary creation to full reporting of each group’s profitability. It comes with the ability to:

  • Manage, add and change any product at any time
  • Calculate price based on the number of persons and send quotes
  • Create and send beautiful, fully customized travel itineraries along with photos and descriptions.
  • Create and email inquiries and confirmations to supplier
  • Organise passenger departures and arrivals

Integrated online reservation system

The Explo reservation system is easy to use and follows a simple logic. It allows one consultant to pick up from where one left off. This allows you to grow your business with no limits and be at the top of the travel industry. It features integrated communication within the reservations, financial insights and some CRM functionality to enhance client experience.

Simple & modern bookings technology

Impress your customers with the latest technology that enables them to create their travel packages easily and dynamically. Our incredible reservation engines are designed to exceed your expectations, regardless of your market.

Accounting Software Integrations

We do offer multiple flexible options to manage the accounting of your travel business. The core product comes with a ready to work Explo to Zoho Accounting Integration (API) that is already configured. That is one less headache for your travel business. Alternatively, there is an option to provide you flat files that can be uploaded to your accounting system.